Karma Misinterpreted

Disclaimer: This piece of literature is based purely on personal opinion of the author. It does not reflect or aim to reflect or to hurt the religious sentiments of any particular community. You must be familiar with the Bhagvad Gita – one of the best works in Sanskrit literature and a book of tremendous religious […]

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In Love with my Life!

It’s official now, travelling in Goa just puts some wonderful things into my head. So here I am, sharing one more of mt experiences with you all. I dropped an year after school to prepare for Engineering entrance exams. Now, during that period, there was an intense pressure on me, not created by anybody else, […]

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Me : The Chameleon

So, I was on my customary evening walk around my college campus, when this strange question popped up in my head – “If one was to assume the form of an animal or compare oneself to an animal, what would it be?” As I pondered over the most common answers to this question, I saw […]

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