You Might Not Have Made The Wrong Choice

Yep… that’s right, don’t fret over the choice you made a while back just because you failed to get the desired result out of it. Don’t think “Oh, I wish I had done what xyz had said… xyz seems so right now.. ” – of course that would seem the case now, now that your choice has been proved brutally wrong by the forces of life. The alternative might seem more likely of producing a favorable result, but the key word here is ‘likely’. There is no ‘sure’ in there. There are a thousand variables lurking in the shadows behind that alternative which could have made it a wrong choice too, perhaps even more wrong than the current one. You don’t know and would perhaps never know, so what is the use of getting frustrated about it? Just learn to live with the choice you made and more importantly the result it got you, because that is the important part of the learning process called life. 


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