Hello Everyone!

My name is Devanshu, and I am the author of all that is and will be on ‘The Words Brewery’. Contrary to what you see here, my writing journey began in 2010. “Few Words…” is a blog I started writing while studying in the third year of my bachelor’s, back in 2010. I started out with short write-ups in English and gradually started writing poems as well, both in English and in Hindi. For me, “Few Words..” is my space in the vast endless galaxy we call the Internet, where I put down my thoughts into words and give each of my writings a part of my own soul. It is also a result of the encouragement and feedback that my friends and family have given me, culminating into what it is today… a humble beginning. Moving forward, “Few Words..” will be evolving to “The Words Brewery” which is an attempt to organize the content better for my readers in a layout that’s much more pleasing for the eyes, with content that pleases, hopefully, their souls. I write in two languages : English and Hindi and hope to find an audience for both, who will not only read my work, but also help me improve with every write-up or poem that I write. How would you do this? Simple – please don’t forget to leave a comment on the post you read, as feedback, specially on things that you think can be done better. I hope you like what you read !


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