You’ll remember these days

I know I am too young to write or talk about life, I mean, some of you reading this might be twice my age or perhaps even more. But, as the author of this blog, the small world I share with about a handful of my friends, my family, and some of the occasional drifters who find themselves ‘misdirected’ from other sites to here, I feel obliged to share my views with you. Let me ask you a question, or rather, let me make a request to you today. Close your eyes for a moment before you read further than this sentence, and I want you to remember two specific moments in your day, or maybe in your week (I know that those moments could not have been farther apart than that): numero Uno, the moment when you loathed your current situation in life and wished that you could move ahead of it as soon as possible; number two, the moment you remembered something from the past, something which brought a smile to your lips. Done that? Now you must be thinking, ’how are the two connected?’ My answer to that arises from a simple fact : “What is today will become yesterday tomorrow, and what is tomorrow will become your today then”  No matter how complex your life is today, it is going to get more so tomorrow- another hard hitting fact. And then, the things you loathe today would turn into beautiful memories of a relatively simpler past. What I am trying to tell here is the fact that, no matter how much you regret or loathe your present today, you ARE going to miss it tomorrow, when you are going to be faced with something far more complex. For example, I know we all remember how we used to hate it when our mom or dad used to wake us up early morning to get ready for School. I’m sure you must have said at one point, “Mom lemme sleep. I don’t wanna go to school. I hate it!” But now when you wake up every morning, you wish you had a school to go to, where all you had to do was have fun with friends and study sometimes ;). As a child you must have always wanted to grow up, do this, do that, must have wanted to be independent and what not. But now you miss the times when you did not need to worry about anything, when you were not responsible for even yourself! And you know what, this is true even if your future is more comfortable than your present or your past. Movie stars miss the days they were not so famous, the times when they could simply walk upto a thadi and say “Ek kadak Chai dena bhaiyya.”
I know as an engineering student that life as an engineering aspirant was far tougher and challenging than an engineer’s college life, which is laid back and quite fun. But, when I got too much of this ‘laid back’ life, when I got a bit complacent, I started to miss the life of an aspirant, I missed that struggle, I missed the fact that those stressful times brought out the best in me. What I want to stress here is that the present, your present, my present, is as important as the future. So, keep on creating memories from your present instead of loathing it, memories which will help you pick yourself up when you fall down in the future. Many people advocate to live life according to the famous saying “Live every day as if it is your last.” But, many of them are not themselves able to do it. So I offer a simpler alternative
“Live every day knowing that it is not your last,
but remember that one day it will become your past,
 when complexities will become far more vast,
you’ll remember these days, and in them
your happiness shall forever last.”


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