Why the Eagle has not wept the second time so far

These are excerpts from a conversation (some might call it a debate, but I think that would be a tad to rash) I had with a fellow Indian as to the reasons why the United States has not had anything to do with terrorist attacks since 9/11 while our country still suffers from these despicable acts from madmen who think they are fulfilling the God’s wishes. She, as I am sure may of you out there, believes that it is solely due to the faulty system in India unlike the US, who’s intelligence and spirit have been commendable in avoiding a recurrence of the sad tragedy that took place 10 years ago. I agree to a certain extent, but would like to present a few points,which, practical as they are, are still overlooked by many. I would wish my readers to give them a bit of time and thought. 
Although I certainly praise the American spirit and laud its intelligence… at the same time I don’t want to make any excuses for the fallacies in their Indian counterparts, I do think having Canada on the top instead of being surrounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan, dearest China and Bangladesh helps a lot….
With all due respect, I am not making excuses, or whining about a difficult neighborhood, just pointing out a simple and practical fact. I know terrorists are devils, but still they are as practical as us human beings, a terrorist attack across the Atlantic costs them much more than crossing the Arabian Sea, or simply the Rajasthan/Punjab/J&K border.
Take the Delhi high court bomb blast for example, carried out by an amateur outfit, possibly HuJI… now HuJI… with all its resources, cannot dream of crossing over to even Africa, let alone conducting an operation in USA… so you see, with all its security and spirit in place, USA does enjoy another HUGE advantage…
PLUS… those candle lights lit up for the victims, that is the spirit of the people there, I am sure no one would even remember the date of Delhi High Court Blast few months from now… let alone light candles on its 10th Anniversary… and I’m not blaming the people here either, I wouldn’t… You wouldn’t….. none of us would..
A simple solution to this is creating enough Jobs… a man with his and his family’s stomachs filled would not care about battling for a paradise he has not seen…. It is the empty minds which are the easiest to brainwash… and creating jobs requires monumental changes in the system..
Even if someone begins his/her career in Politics with the right things in mind, by the time he or she rises to the power, that time has already brainwashed the once honest mind and reprogrammed it into thinking only about retaining the power for 5 years…. he/she forgets what he/she is actually there for…
And ultimately we are back to square one…. with the whole thing simply whir-pooling inwards…
So the need of the hour is that every citizen stands up and plays his/her part… be conscious in public areas… go out there and vote for the right person for the right reasons… question the leaders for the right reasons instead of simply getting lost in the peripherals….. and blaming the system should be non-existent, as one tends to easily forget in India, that one IS a part of that system….       



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