Happy Places

I am my most comfortable self in these places, the feeling is something akin to being tucked inside a warm blanket – made up of fibers of familiarity and fondness..

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I peered over the boundary wall, and it was quite tall, which made things a tad difficult. But I was drawn to this house, time and again, I could not help it. The little boy was standing besides his tricycle, while his dad was working on the support wheels. “Dad, I am not so sure […]

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Long Drives

Here’s some about them long drives. Sitting in the back or on the wheel in full control of your destination, there’s a certain sense of freedom in long drives. No traffic gives me the opportunity to clear the chaos in my head. There is nothing to think about except the long un-ending road, the scenery […]

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Hyderabad by the Night

I must admit I have a quirk of sorts – a peculiar behavioral pattern. I do not trust easily, or simply take longer than others to come to an understanding with new people and places. Hyderabad was no different. I came here two years ago, to join my new job, fresh after college. Technically considered […]

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Still in the 90’s

This is an old post. I really don’t remember why it was in my drafts so long. Anyways, read along ! So…..it’s been three years of living in Goa, and surprisingly enough, today was the first day in those 365×3 (plus or minus some days) days that I took it upon myself to go out […]

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The People.

It is time again to work those creative juices in my head. However, this is not something I need to imagine. This one is about re-stating a fact; this one is about noticing one of the most important ingredients of my life. This one is about the PEOPLE around me.  From the time I was […]

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Starring Me

If I ask you to find one thing, just ONE, which we as the homo-sapiens race have enjoyed, do enjoy and will continue enjoying till eternity, what will it be? Something that has evolved with times as we have, is unique and can only be created, used and understood by us?  I was pondering over this […]

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The Waiting Room

Mrs. Lauren White or Laura as she was called a few days back, before her marriage, sat down with her cup of coffee in a chair of an almost full waiting room in Terminal 2 of the JFK Airport. She liked to be called Laura, just Laura, because somehow the name ‘Lauren White’ that too […]

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Karma Misinterpreted

Disclaimer: This piece of literature is based purely on personal opinion of the author. It does not reflect or aim to reflect or to hurt the religious sentiments of any particular community. You must be familiar with the Bhagvad Gita – one of the best works in Sanskrit literature and a book of tremendous religious […]

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