बारिश को हरे पत्तों से टपकते देखना
तकियों के बीच किताब के पन्नों में खो जाना..

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Wo aur Hum

तो बढ़ाओ हाथ थोड़ा वो भी बढ़ाएगा
बीच में मिल जाएंगे दोनों

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I used to think that the things I think are the things most people think but when I got thinking I realised that the things I think , not many have thunk, not many do and not many will So I thought I must do something about the things I think. And I sat myself […]

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Trains I’d rather miss

There are some trains that I’d rather miss, Not for the lack of enthusiasm, of the destination; or the journey, but for the abundant equanimity, the present sometimes brings. There are some trains that I’d rather miss For that one more homecooked meal, for that one more day with my beloved, for that one more […]


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Aur Yun

बातें हवा में घुल कर कानों में पड़ी
हंसी जैसे होठों से छूटते ही धुन बानी …

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Happy Places

I am my most comfortable self in these places, the feeling is something akin to being tucked inside a warm blanket – made up of fibers of familiarity and fondness..

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