My Magic Wand

Ever and anon in times of despairI look around for my magic wand
wondering if life is fair

Will that wand have the magic
to aspire in me the lost confidence?
to make things around me not look tragic?

Will I, with a twist of my hand,
be able to remove all my doubts
and grow like that cactus in the desert sand?

Will it bring down the walls that surround me?
Will it clear the mist of problems
that grows ever persistently around me?

With the belief and hope of a child
I search for it now more than ever
before it’s lost in the world so wild

So what or who is it
destined to be my wand and show me
that I’ve not yet reached my limit?

Is it my family, is it my friends
or is it that special person
for whom my love knows no ends

So i leave you with a thought
to be someone’s magic wand
the one to wipe their tears
the river to sink their droughts.


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