Trains I’d rather miss

There are some trains that I’d rather miss, Not for the lack of enthusiasm, of the destination; or the journey, but for the abundant equanimity, the present sometimes brings. There are some trains that I’d rather miss For that one more homecooked meal, for that one more day with my beloved, for that one more […]

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My Magic Wand

Ever and anon in times of despairI look around for my magic wand wondering if life is fair Will that wand have the magic to aspire in me the lost confidence? to make things around me not look tragic? Will I, with a twist of my hand, be able to remove all my doubts and […]

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For the better

Things change….I realize this as i grow up,for the better,I always hope… people come …and people go,affecting my life,in every possible way… Events occur…far too many of them,some bad,some good,changing the way I look at life… Fact is…there is a constant,the love in my heart,which I try not to wear out… Life goes on…as does […]

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