The People.

It is time again to work those creative juices in my head. However, this is not something I need to imagine. This one is about re-stating a fact; this one is about noticing one of the most important ingredients of my life. This one is about the PEOPLE around me. 

From the time I was born, to this very second, I have been surrounded by people – either in person, or in my thoughts. People have loved me, people have inspired me, motivated me; people might have even loathed me, hated me and I have reciprocated these feelings to the best of my abilities. It all dawns to one simple realization – out of all my emotions (positive or negative), all my memories (good or bad) – there are none that I associate with myself. They all go back and link themselves to the people who have been a part of my life. Come to think of it, I never see myself in any of my memories or dreams, all I see are the people. They have been and continue to be the driving forces behind the story of my life. 

My happiness is centered around my family and my friends. Whenever I think about long vacations in the lovely Edens of this world, all I am craving for is some personal time with the people I love and care about. I feel low when I do not have them around, and I miss them. Sharing a few laughs (sometimes more than a few) with some wonderful friends tunes up my day in the correct rhythm. Recently, a friend asked me as to why I cared going out for a movie that I wasn’t enthusiastic about at the first place. I only smiled in return, but here is the real answer to that question- I figure that even bad situations, even the worst of them can be laughed at and made pleasant if you are in the right company and even a good situation is hardly enjoyable alone. This does not mean that I do not need time alone, for reading a favorite book or going for a walk. But I realize that I have me for life, so carving out that time should never be an issue. 

When I grow old, and if I am lucky enough to look back and say that I have indeed lived a good life, it would surely mean that I had the right people to share it with. I would like end with a few lines inspired from the same thoughts :

आओ हम चलें,

किसी का हाथ थाम लें,
किसी को दें  खुशियाँ,
किसी का ग़म बाँट लें ।

जो हंस दिए अकेले,

तो कौन सुन वो पाएगा ?
दुःख के भंवर से फिर,
भला कौन हमें बचाएगा ?

ज़िन्दगी अगर है कहानी,

तो होगा आरम्भ और अंत भी,
आएँगे कई पात्र इसमें,
बनेंगे किस्से अनंत भी ।

इन किस्सों से चंद लम्हें,

हम उधार लें,
किसी को दें खुशियाँ,
किसी का ग़म बात लें।

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