Starring Me

If I ask you to find one thing, just ONE, which we as the homo-sapiens race have enjoyed, do enjoy and will continue enjoying till eternity, what will it be? Something that has evolved with times as we have, is unique and can only be created, used and understood by us?  I was pondering over this very thought, whilst keeping my novel aside and preparing to sleep. Just before I turned my light switch off, it struck me. I took a good look back at my novel. The answer comfortably sat there on the table – Stories ! Yes, we enjoy stories, all of us, albeit in different forms and formats – some enjoy reading them, others enjoy watching them as movies and there are still others who would turn an ear to any piece of gossip, which is again – yes, a story.

So I wondered, why is it so? What is so special about stories? Why are we so interested in them? This time however, I did not have to look around much. This time, I just stared at the mirror. I was looking at myself – the one person who I think about the most, and will possibly think about the most in my lifetime is me. My life too, is a story, as is yours and I play the lead in mine, as you do in yours. I am the eternal central character of my life story, destined to do something worth mentioning, if not great. The plot unravels around me, you see my world as I see and tell. When I was born, I became a part of some life stories, and my first chapter began. When I made friends, when I fell in love, their life stories got linked to mine and mine to theirs. And when I marry, I will share my life story with my wife, and the cycle goes on, or if I may, the story goes on. In the process, I get inspired by life-stories of others, real or fictional, and at the last chapter of my life story, I hope to leave behind something that inspires others. The ‘me’ in ‘my’ story will remain constant, and I conclude that all I do should be directed towards one objective – to make my story worth reading. 

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