The Old Apartment

I was in the mood this evening,
the mood for a solitary walk.
So I walked in the breeze before the rains,
to my old apartment not very far.

I got there, I got up,
walked right up to a door too familiar.
I rang the bell once or twice,
and waited for it to open.

But the door was not opened,
neither by someone present,
nor by me from the past,
so I peeked in – ┬áin the all absorbing dark.

I stood there, all alone,
and so stood the apartment.
Finally, we wished each other good-luck
and then I walked back to the present.

Whilst walking back,
I saw some memories on the road,
sweet and comforting as they were,
it dawned on me that they were frozen gold.

Part sad, part resolute,
I continued my solitary walk,
I need to focus more on what is, than what’s not
to make more memories, with whom I can talk.


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