As a lovely Sunday fades into the night, I realize how beautiful life can be, I see the beauty that lies around me, and feel the beauty that is out of sight. ¬† The beauty of a simple smile, The beauty of a good morning wish, The beauty in a conversation¬† which can disarm me […]

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The Spark

This is to my mind wandering in wilderness, lost for too long out there in the dark, now the silent fire inside me grows, waiting for that lost spark… I have lost many battles, have been injured in many spars, now it is time to rise the occasion, it is time to raise my own […]

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My Magic Wand

Ever and anon in times of despairI look around for my magic wand wondering if life is fair Will that wand have the magic to aspire in me the lost confidence? to make things around me not look tragic? Will I, with a twist of my hand, be able to remove all my doubts and […]

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It will be you..

When you’re down and depressed Wanting to be somebody else but you can’t be When life’s got a different meaning you try too hard but can’t see It is time you opened your eyes and tell yourself ‘I am me’ To reach for the stars you have to begin by climbing a tree It is […]

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Question Marks

Life moves onbut these question marks remainFamily? Love? Career? Future? and many more storm my brain As a teenager I was told‘Work hard these two-three years’and a comfortable life will unfold But now I thinkif the truth be toldthose ‘two or three years’will keep coming back till I get old After all hard workthe question […]

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